Project Ready

Project Ready, College Access is a signature program of the National Urban League that provides enhanced academic support and social support to high school students as they prepare for post-secondary success.

The program uses a nationally recognized curriculum which utilizes strategies to map out an evidence-based continuum of activities, exercises and strategies. Participants receive academic, social and cultural support. Key strengths of Project Ready are flexibility, local innovation and customization, and its potential to impact whole families and communities through service learning.

Project Ready stresses the importance of literacy at every level of a student's high school academic development. Literacy is not just about being able to read; it's about being able to make sense of and engage in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking. Students who are competent in these areas are more likely to attend and succeed in post-secondary education. Students complete Individual College Development Plans (ICDP), a process that provides each student with a clear and understandable plan of action to reach their academic and career goals. Students are then monitored by a tutor, mentor, youth development specialist and Literacy Coach to ensure that they receive the support needed in order to achieve their goals.

 From left to right: Trecell Murchison, Xavier Arriaga, Shenella Tyndall, and Natasha Ruiz

Project Ready is the overarching program of all youth programming to include:

  • Project Ready: Post-Secondary Success
  • Project Ready: Mentor
  • Workforce Pathways
  • Digital Literacy