Officers & Committees


President - Luz Holmes
Vice President - Open
Treasurer - Open
Secretary –  Open

Committee Chairs

Civic & Advocacy Committee - Open
Community Service - Venice Sterling
Fundraising - Malcolm Williams

Membership and Recruitment – Tyler Napper
Policies & Procedure - Open
Professional Development - Brittany Stephenson
Public Relations and Marketing Committee - Open
Social and Cultural Programs - Curtis Porter-Rodriguez & Dr. Dani Moye


We have many committees that are responsible for various activities that you can get directly involved in planning and executing. We also have numerous leadership opportunities available to our members as we provide programming for a 200+ member organization and serve the capital city of Connecticut.

Civic & Advocacy Committee

This group works on developing programming and educational campaign in alignment with the National Urban League agenda, increase awareness of current political, economic, and social issues, and is responsible for keeping members abreast of local elections, town hall meetings and city council decisions while upholding ULGH-YP's commitment to non-partisanship. 

Public Relations & Marketing Committee

This group generates press releases and other external written communications about the events and initiatives of the ULGH-YP. This group will also maintain ULGH-YP’s flyers, stationery, logo, website and other marketing or branding materials.

Community Service Committee

This group works on finding projects where members can volunteer to help serve their community. Participating in community service projects not only provides personal fulfillment for doing a good deed, but can also generate positive publicity and recognition for our chapter.

Cultural Programs Committee

This group shall help generate, plan, and execute all cultural activities aimed at the ULGH-YP membership. Events would consist of our signature AFRO Bowl, and potential documentary viewings, movie nights, and cultural forum for discussions. This group would consist of event coordinators who would be responsible for doing an event from start to finish under the guidance of the chairs.

External Relations & Partnerships Committee

This group increase awareness of ULGH-YP with external professional, private and public organizations, as well as local universities and colleges for purposes of membership. This group works to identify and achieve outreach events and joint participation of external organizations with ULGH-YP to leverage a defined purpose or mission to everyone involved.

Fundraising Committee

This group shall support the operations, implementation, and strategy of the goals of the ULGH-YP by developing, promoting, and implementing fundraising activities that promote the missions of the ULGH and ULGH-YP. These fundraising activities shall be aimed mainly to support YP’s funding programming needs and mission in connection with the ULGH and ULGH-YP.

Membership & Recruitment Committee

This group shall be focused on recruiting new members into the organization. This group shall be responsible for coordinating membership drives and activities that will assist in recruiting new membership. This group will maintain timely, accurate, and proper documentation of all current members, including proper contact information and other information important to constitute a membership list and/or membership directory.

Policy &  Procedures Committee

This group prescribes procedures of protocol for all meetings and rules of business including maintaining the constitution, revising by-laws, elections, and ensuring we are in compliance with any and all Urban League rules, regulations, and statutes.

Social & Cultural Programs Committee

This group shall help generate, plan, and execute all social activities aimed at the ULGH-YP membership. Our signature social event is YP Fridays, held the last Friday of each month at different venues in the Greater Hartford area, as well as many of our local area events that ULGH-YP membership has been invited to. This committee would consist of event coordinators who would be responsible for doing an event from start to finish under the guidance of the chair.

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